Pro Bono Publico

KCL Pro Bono derives its name from the Latin phrase, ‘pro bono publico’, meaning, ‘for the public good’. We support and promote legally-related volunteer work and education to the community, thereby enabling otherwise unrepresented parties to present their cases efficiently and effectively. The work we do is mutually beneficial to students, as they are both able to share their knowledge/experience with the wider community and gain insight into the issues impacting upon the lives of others.

Over the past years, we have seen an increasing amount of students taking part in pro bono work. As a rewarding experience, the Law School and employers encourage students to undertake volunteering. More importantly is the individual motivation for becoming involved in the work we do. Why should YOU engage in pro bono work?  What are the benefits?

Our volunteers’ reasons for engaging in pro bono work may be varied, and can be summarised as follows:
– opportunity to give back to the community- acquiring legal, transferrable and personal skills
– developing knowledge of legal rules and procedures
– engaging with a range of ethical and professional practice considerations
– opportunity to apply skills and knowledge in practice
– developing self-confidence
– contributing to a cause that you truly believe in
– meet like-minded individuals
– pro bono work is highly regarded by employers
– explore alternative career options