Opportunity International

Opportunity International (OI) is a global organisation which aims to provide microfinance services to the poor in developing countries. By making business loans, savings, and insurance accessible to to nearly 14.3 million clients across 24 countries, OI equips the impoverished with the financial means to work their way out of poverty in the developing world. Interestingly, 95% of Opportunity clients are women, thus promoting female entrepreneurism in countries where gender inequalities would otherwise be more apparent.


King’s College London is the only university to host an Opportunity International project. As an events-based society, KCL OI have sought to engage the students in the campaigns of the main organisation, by inviting the OI fund manager to hold lectures and conferences.


Last year, we organised bake sales and hosted an art contest themed around “humanity” which was a great success. As a volunteer, you will participate in the planning and execution of such events, as well as brainstorming for new and exciting ideas during our meetings.


This term however, KCL OI will see a slight shift in its policy: apart from creating awareness and raising funds which were our two main aims, we now seek to expand our member base and to become a strong and well connected society. If you want to be part of this ambitious task, and in the same time have an amazing experience, do join us!