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The Law Mentoring Project aims to inspire A-Level students from high-schools in the London area to apply to study Law at King’s, and enter higher education in general. Our mentors help these students to understand what it means to study law at university, and in this way aid them in making the right decision for themselves.

As a mentor, you will have a maximum of 2 mentees during each academic term. Your mentee will be a 5th or 6th form student considering studying Law at university. During the first academic term, we try to accommodate as many 6th form students as possible, and during the second term the remaining of them, along with 5th form students. Initially, you must e-mail your assigned mentees to let them know you will be their mentor, along with a small self-introduction breaking the ice. Your mentees are likely to have a few questions on the law itself, studying it at university-level, King’s, the university experience in general, extra-curricular activities, UCAS applications, and so on. Everything you need to know as mentors will be explained to you in the Training/Recruitment Session to be held on campus in the beginning of the academic year.

Mentoring is an incredibly rewarding experience, not only for your mentees who will greatly benefit from your experiences and unique perspectives, but also for you as mentors, you will be able to see the impact your communication is having, and this will make you feel accomplished. You will build relationships, and also have something meaningful to add on your CV!

We are looking for patient, charismatic individuals who will be committed to helping their mentees throughout the year.

Please e-mail the Project’s president, Ananya Gupta, at to express your interest.

For more information about the Law Mentoring Project, here is the previous project President explaining what it entails.



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Law Mentoring Project