King’s Amicus Chapter


Amicus is a legal charity in the United Kingdom that works to provide support to capital defense lawyers in the United States. The King's Amicus Chapter sends volunteers to assist in the legal representation of the defendants.

As a volunteer with the King's chapter of Amicus, you will participate in a variety of activities with the organisation. Each year, volunteers are sponsored to attend a two-weekend training session put on by Amicus where participants learn about capital trials and the American justice system, whilst also hearing from individuals who have been exonerated and removed from death row. Participating in the training means that once you have finished your legal education in the UK, you can apply to participate in an Amicus internship in the United States, and actually work on some capital defense cases. 

The King's chapter of Amicus also works to educate others in the King's community about the death penalty and the work of Amicus. Throughout the year we will be holding a variety of events including film screenings, lectures, and fundraising events to raise awareness of this charity and its mission. Finally, King's students also work on research-based tasks throughout the year for Amicus itself.



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Amicus Chapter

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Amicus Chapter