Human Rights Project


Founded in 2008, the KCL Human Rights Project is the cornerstone of the Pro Bono Society of King’s College London. The Project offers students the opportunity to acquire and deepen their knowledge on Human Rights and related issues. We encourage and indeed aid students wishing to pursue a career in the Human Rights field.

Students and speakers from all academic disciplines, cultural backgrounds and political opinions are welcome to attend HRP events. The Human Rights Project aims to mirror the diverse make-up of King’s College London and wider society. In doing so, it aims to create a platform for discussion, debate, opinion forming and challenges to those opinions.

The Human Rights Project of the KCL Pro Bono Society believes in giving each student a voice and in creating a platform in which that voice can be heard.

Past activities have included offering volunteering opportunities at the Law Society’s International Action team and the Refugee Council, organising a “Human Rights Week” with talks by various human rights organisations like Advocates for international Development and Human Rights Watch, publishing a student-run  “HumanWrites” journal and more.

For further information and updates on the Human Rights Project please visit our website.

If you want to join a research group, get published, do voluntary work or simply want to know more about the Human Rights Project, then please do get involved.


Giulia Mazzu


Human Rights Project

Derek Yixin

Vice-President & Secretary 

Human Rights Project